The United States Of Shit-Talking


We recently learned about Topix, the website where folks across the country can talk about who is and is not a total bitch. Intrigued, we decided to delve a little more deeply — and now we present to you a sampling of shit people are talking across the country. Read on for the dirt on mental hospitals, dentists, girls, and more. It’s as American as apple pie.


Los Angeles

Yeah, that’s the best word you can use for describing american girls!!!!
Like my Girlfriend!!!


Has anybody else in or around RDG noticed this?!
There’s a few of them… Theyre basically balls of red, white, and blue fluttering lights. One of them had a few bright orb-like things revolving around a red, white, and blue ball in the center. They randomly move to different places in the sky. NO EFFING LIE: Four of them are currently lined up horizontally, still flittering. This is pretty insane.



Does anybody else think that [redacted] is a major dick head and needs to get a life. He puts on a front of a church going person but everytime you turn around he is drinking with his buddies. He always acts nice to your face but talks about everybody behind their back. And he has never been able to keep his thing in his pants ask his ex wife.


Everyone that walks out of there walks out with a bright new shiny set of false teeth! He likes to pull teeth to get paid for it. He is a crook! Stay away from this dentist!!!



the did all kinds of evil things to the mentally ill back in the day. if there is ever a place that would be haunted, its an old mental hospital



Hopefully, the next time I see your nasty self will be in pergatory as I will watch God read you the riot act for being such a nasty whench!



ive yet to meet an ashlee, ashley, ashleigh, that i actually like. they are either dumb bitches or stuck up bitches but either way nobody likes the bitches.

New York


If you are not a Tea Bagger you are a true horse’s ass! Whatever happened to your job at the jail? Why did you lose the election by a landslide in which your opponent beat you by 79% to 21%? You were beaten by an Unknown in his first run in politics. How come everyone that went to school or worked with you or knows you describes you as CRAZY?



this little blonde named [redacted] was in the riv bragging about how she snitched on them.she won 2nd place in the bikini contest and is like around 50 yrs old. watch out for her!!


Del Rio

did u see where the illuminati supposably planned the attack on the twin towers and the pentagon that the us illuminati planned it

Uvalde (from a thread titled “DQ workers are rude”):

Yea they r rude an dumb an that girl in the back with Elvis side Burns thinks she’s gud but she is NT lol

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