The View Grills Jersey Shore Cast On Safe Sex, Financial Planning


Today, half of The View ladies undermined and buzzkilled the Jersey Shore kids, asking about financial/sexual responsibility. Additionally, Joy bitched about the cast’s negative representations of Italian-Americans, implied they were stupid, and then got The Situation‘s name wrong.

During Hot Topics, before the cast came out, Joy was all up in arms about how Jersey Shore is a negative reflection of Italian-Americans. First of all, that is so three months ago. Secondly, we’ve already learned that “guido” and “guidette” refer to lifestyles. God! Anyway, The Situation was still kind enough to give each co-host a nickname.

Joy really has it out for these kids. First she was accusing them of not being good Italians, then she was accusing them of not being Italian at all, then she asked Sitch about whether or not he wears condoms. It seemed more like an accusation than a question.

Whoopi was interested in knowing about their plans for their future and their finances. I think she was being a little more benevolent than Joy, but she’s wearing that fucking hat, so who is she to talk about making good choices?

Two words: “Milk pancakes.” That’s how Elisabeth Hasselbeck describes her own breasts in this clip.

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