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This, the first week of August, was a characteristically slow one for pretty much everyone—that is, except Lizzo, the artist who built not only a brand but an empire around body inclusivity and generally being a good person. After former dancers this week brought forth a lawsuit against the artist for body, race, and religious discrimination as well as sexual harassment, and a steadily growing group of people who once worked with the artist came forward with similar stories, we’re now witnessing the latest and very jarring celebrity “cancelation.”

Which brings me to my recommendation for the weekend: Rewatch Tár! The Oscar-nominated, semi-absurdist drama is, in some ways, a fictionalized version of the Lizzo debacle, following Cate Blanchett as a brilliant musician and conductor whose life falls apart when (spoiler alert!) she’s brought to task for years of perpetrating sexual abuse and exploitation. The movie’s spin on what’s become a recurring fixture in celebrity news cycles is dark but undeniably funny, and while there’s no eating of bananas out of exotic dancers’ vaginas, it has plenty of other topical twists that make for a timely weekend rewatch. —Kylie Cheung

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