The Vogue Parodies and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles That Got Us Through the Week

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When I first heard “Hi Vogue, you caught me at a great time. I’m prepping for a colonoscopy” in April, I was immediately hooked ok whoever it was making a perfect parody of Vogue’s “73 Questions” video series.

The LA-based comedian has made a bunch since that first one, in addition to also spoofing Vogue’s “Life in Looks” and Architectural Digest’s “Home Tours.” They pair annoyingly earnest answers like “Best fashion trend of all time? Kindness,” with hilariously absurd responses like, “Last thing you do before bed? Cough up blood!” All the while, they’re wearing a Hannah Montana long-sleeved with “Taylor Swift” written across it and do the weird backward walk that every celeb who’s ever done a “73 Questions” seems to get trapped in. A few other highlights include: “One thing you wanna’ do before you die? Go Missing,” “Relationship Status? Widowed by choice,” and “When do you feel most beautiful? During a hit-and-run.” I’m obsessed and I promise you will be too. —LT

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