The Weinstein Horror Movie No One Wants Is Coming, for You Can Never Overestimate Standards 


You may be thinking, who on hell or earth would finance or produce–oooohhh, the producer is French. Yes, “master of the erotic thriller” Brian De Palma–whose directing credits include Carrie and Scarface and whose writing credits include Body Double and Femme Fatale–has announced that he is “talking with a French producer” about his script for a horror movie centering on a Harvey Weinstein-based “sexual aggressor” in the film industry. Shriek.

He told Le Parisien, via Deadline:

It will be interesting to see when women start controlling the aesthetic, what is going to happen. It would be interesting to see if their gaze is so much different than ours. Because a lot of movies are about the male gaze, what the male sees.

Like De Palma’s. His more critically-acclaimed works such as Body Double has been praised for self-aware voyeurism which easily slides into the Hitchcock school.

Many projects are already in the works: one made by Brad Pitt’s production company will focus on Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey’s reporting for the New York Times; a documentary co-produced by Lightbox and BBC will look at #MeToo and Time’s Up; a play by Pulitzer Prize winner David Mamet, possibly to star John Malkovich, for which details are fuzzy; even a documentary about Weinstein by Weinstein himself, probably a Powerpoint slideshow with a voiceover by Weinstein. And now a monster movie.

I suspect that the word “brave” is going to enter this conversation at some point, and not in a good way.

Brian De Palma made this once:

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