The White House Got Some Cute Trick-Or-Treaters


Yesterday, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama handed out candy to a horde of freezing little trick-or-treaters at the White House. Mrs. Obama and the President weren’t wearing costumes, but Barack was doing a very charming impression of a suburban dad. The kids, who were local elementary schoolers and the children of military families, received bags filled with “a box of M&Ms imprinted with the presidential seal, a butter cookie in the shape of the White House and a serving of dried fruit.”

The weather was terrible, a mix of snow and rain, but everyone powered through. A few of the kids gave Barack and Michelle hugs, which was extra sweet, but most of them just sort of stumbled toward the First Couple in a haze of excitement mixed with fear. One little girl was so timid that she refused to go to Obama, but the President eventually managed to coax here over with the promise that, “Mommy’s right over there.” Swoon. Anyway, what a nice little tradition—which the Republicans will no doubt find a way to spin as, “Obama gives government handouts to lazy, greedy children.”

Obamas Pass Out Halloween Candy [USA Today]

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