The Wild, Weird and Wonderful Women of Comic Con


Over the weekend, fandom descended upon San Diego to celebrate comics, vampires, superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, and, of course, zombies. There were plenty of dudes dressed as warlocks and warriors, but the ladies made a spectacle of themselves as well. For instance: Above, a young woman gives new meaning to the term Crazy Cat Lady. Me-ouch.

Saturday was the fifth annual Zombie Walk, and these chicks didn’t shy away from the gore.

Must eat braiiiiiins. And then buy some more Manic Panic.

The undead barista doesn’t give a fuck if she accidentally gave you a latte instead of an Americano.

That first zombie is humming “Stairway to Heaven.” The second one is just daring you to ask her if she has PMS. And the third is wondering if she can have a pony zombie.

Turnout was monstrous.

You’re all winners, there are no losers here, but hot damn: Give Chewbacca a gold star.

Mere mortals ought to tremble in fear, or at least gape in awe.

Looks like everyone was having a bloody good time.

Wolverine and Princess Mononoke walk into a bar…

Anyplace you can wear a tiny crown or giant false eyelashes is okay by me.

Look, Abe is not a woman, but this is such a faithful representation of the Vampire Hunter, I had to include it. The brows!

There were at least two Katniss Everdeens at the event — one spotted via Twitter; the other via Instagram. Effie’s hair looks fab.

All other images via Getty.

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