The Women's March Is Back, Baby


Break out your poster board from wherever you… store your poster board… because the National Women’s March is BACK, baby. Or, at least, it will be back in January 2019, per organizers.

The New York Times reports that the third annual National Women’s March will take place on January 19 of next year, with planned actions in cities across the nation and world. The main march will take place in Washington D.C., though organizers say they’re still hammering out the route and other permit-related details.

Activist Linda Sarsour, one of the march’s organizers, told the New York Times the upcoming march will focus on calling for certain progressive public policies, likely dealing with immigration, women’s rights, and other hot button issues in the Age of Trump (and beyond).

Last year’s official march took place in the form of a “Power to the Polls”-themed rally in Las Vegas, with thousands of protestors on hand to help register new voters for the primaries and upcoming midterm elections, according to Reuters. Other cities hosted their own marches—in New York, it is estimated there were around 200,000 protestors, all of whom are certainly still angry.

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