The World Is Safe From Joe Francis


Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis was found guilty of three counts of false imprisonment and one of assault likely to cause great bodily injury. He faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

The incident, which took place in January of 2011, involved three women who were “celebrating a college graduation” at the Supper Club in Hollywood. Francis took one of them to his limo, and the others followed. The women claim that Francis had lead them to believe he was giving them a ride to their car. Instead, the limo brought them to Francis’ house, where an altercation of some sort broke out, and that’s when the stand-up guy that is Joe Francis decided to get physical.

Let’s read a statement Francis made back in 2011, when the attack was still fresh:

“I’m tired of my name being dragged in the mud. People will read this stuff and believe it.. [The fight] was the most classless, ghetto, crazy thing I have ever seen. As disgusting as girls could ever be. I’m embarrassed that I had them in my car.”

Well, Joe, a jury decided to believe the classless, ghetto, and disgusting girls over you. Who’da thunk?

[Washington Post]

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