There Are No Lady Heroes, According To Sexist Avengers T-Shirts. Nope! None.


They may be Earth’s mightiest team of superheroes, but the Avengers’ most impressive power appears to be their complete lack of foresight that these hella sexist T-shirts maybe, MAYBE, just might get some flak.

The boys’ shirt (eight dollars cheaper, BTW) reads “Be A Hero,” while the girls’ shirt reads “I Need a Hero!” Because there wasn’t enough room to write “I Need A Hero To Teach Me How To Do Math And ‘Important Things’ Or Whatever But The Pot Roast Is Almost Done!”

Did they learn nothing from cartoonist Kevin Bolk, whose stylized portrait of an oversexed and “bootylicious” male Avengers crew (all of whom in poses that canon artists put Black Widow in) pointed out the sexist illustrations in comic books? Apparently not. Nifty.

The sexism in modern interpretations of comics are still inherent; in fact, it ranks right up there next to late-night comedy . Hell, just look at the short-lived latest incarnation of Wonder Woman—a franchise that’s seen notable failure when compared with those of, say, Batman or Superman—on NBC, which featured Adrianne Palicki gorging on ice cream during dishing sessions with her girlfraaaanz. Hopefully, the PBS documentary Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines, will get this bad taste out of our mouths.

‘Sexist ‘Avengers’ T Shirts Tell Boys To Be Heroes And Girls To Need A Hero’ [HuffPo]

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