There Will Be a Gloria Estefan Broadway Musical and Reality Show


Gloria Estefan’s life will be turned into a Broadway musical, featuring some of her biggest hit songs.

(Must. Resist. Urge. To Tell Readers. “Get On Your Feet” and get tickets for this….)

According to the New York Daily News, Estefan’ life will be the subject of a new musical call “On Your Feet” next year. The production will feature an accompanying reality show to find three women to play Estefan in her teens and her 20s.

The bilingual musical will chronicle Estefan’s rise to fame as a singer with the Miami Sound Machine and will also address her recovery from a broken back after a bus crash in 1990.

I owned every single one of the Miami Sound Machine’s records (yes, records). I grew up in South Florida and saw them live probably seven or eight times, so excuse me when I say this without exaggerating: THEY WERE THE FREAKING BEST.

Now it is obviously time for a power ranking of the Miami Sound Machine/Gloria Estefan songs that will make the best musical numbers:

5. “Bad Boy”

4. “Coming Out of the Dark”

3. “Get On Your Feet”

2. “Rhythm is Gonna Get You”

1. “Conga”

If I were them, I would just do a perfect reenactment of this video and wait for all the Tonys to pour in.

As you can imagine now, my house is like a Club MTV episode from 1988 right now.

Image via Getty Images.

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