There's a Video Game Competition About Boobs That's Not What You Think


The boob jam is a “game jam” (where video game developers create games around a common theme) focused on guess what: BOOBS. But not in a male gazey way.

From the Boob Jam website:

What if a video game promoted breast health, narrated the terror of illness, or described the process of developing breasts, especially from a transwoman’s perspective? What if a game simply described bra-shopping? (It’s tough! It’s expensive!)
As more ideas poured in, the more I thought a “Boob Jam” might be a fun idea. I thought about a lot of female friends, and my male friends too. I thought about vixens and mothers and the uninsured. What would happen if we collectively took a “boob” out of the normative, mainstream view—which is to say, as a sexual object for straight cisgender men—and instead described our own relationships, sometimes sexual and often not, with our own racks? And as a game, could that be fun to play?

So far, there’s a game that “forces the player to inhabit two different skins—one male, one female—and accomplish an equal amount of work as each” and some “interactive fiction” about the difficulties of sleeping with boobs (sample quote: “You could prop yourself up with your top arm to relieve the squishing of your lady-lumps, but who can sleep like that, really?”).

Very cool. Check it out here.

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