These Top Chef Canada Promos Are Just All Kinds of Sexist

In Depth

Hey, you know what I love? Bullshit sexist stereotypes about who does or does not “belong in the kitchen.” Aren’t those fun?

Apparently the producers of Top Chef Canada think so, because they’re promoting the current season with the above poster. Well, this is nice.

It didn’t have to be like this. Sure, the “Boys vs. Girls” conceit is overplayed and kind of stupid, but this really didn’t have to be sexist. The one on the left is (generally-speaking) fine, and this wouldn’t even be so bad if the ad on the right read something like “Bring it on, ladies.” But no, they had to go with the old trope of male chefs not thinking women are worthy of actual high-class food preparation, in an age where restaurant industry kitchens still suffer from unbelievable levels of testosterone-fueled misogyny. The sad irony is that many idiots who ascribe to that philosophy also think that a woman’s place is at home in the kitchen, a nifty bit of cognitive dissonance that gets more bizarre the more you think about it.

Ugh, this shit is why I watch The Taste. Say what you will about it, at least that show doesn’t delve into misogyny as a matter of course (also Ludo Lefebvre might be my spirit animal).

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