These Vintage Sex Doll Ads Are Super Misleading (and Fairly Creepy)


Those poor dudes of 1971. Imagine them rushing home from work to eagerly unwrap the live woman who’s trapped in the USPS package only to be surprised with a sad plastic blob thing. Your heart just breaks for them!

These ads from 1971 really drive home the fact that sex dolls are different than most sex toys — they’re stand-ins for real women. They have names like Judy, come with wigs and nighties, and are “life-like in every detail.” Speaking of, that Judy is a real trouper: “She’ll follow you anywhere, even into the pool, tub, or shower. She’s not scared of water. Judy’s not scared of anything.”

Later, Judy gets into the fact that she’s “not modest,” and so isn’t shy about telling you how “beautiful she is.” Finally, a woman who gets it, am I right??

[via Copyranter]

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