They Found Someone


Maroon 5’s search for a friend at the end of the world is over, according to TMZ—the group has found someone to join them at the Super Bowl halftime show after multiple artists have voiced concerns about doing so in a time when the NFL so clearly has its head up its butt, and others have said no to the alt-crooners’ request. (That was Cardi B.)

TMZ reports that Travis Scott will appear alongside Maroon 5—a pairing that makes little sense to me, unless they were to play a mash-up of “SICKO MODE” and… “Maps”? “Animals”? “She Will Be Loved”? I would listen to the last one, for sure.

The NFL reportedly does not pay performers for the halftime show, which means Scott just wants to do this, or perhaps he isn’t moved enough by the league’s actions against Colin Kaepernick to decline. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world, so it’s an undeniably huge gig for the Houston rapper. I don’t see how he is very musically aligned with Maroon 5, but maybe that’s part of the appeal.

But wait—in a Rolling Stone profile that also dropped Thursday, Scott says he is planning to ask baby mama Kylie Jenner to marry him and has been waiting to think of a “fire” way to do so. Uh oh. Is Scott thinking of proposing at the halftime show… ? That does sound like it would be pretty fire, and would definitely get me to watch. Given Scott’s predilection for pyrotechnics at his shows, it could also include literal fire—which is one way to win over any gal, I guess!

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