This 3-Year-Old Just Styled All Over the Democratic National Convention


Carina Victoria Castro is not one of those kids who gets shy in front of strangers and hides behind her mom, refusing to talk, or worse, lifts up her skirt to form a kind of temporary cloth wall between herself and strangers. No. The 3-year-old daughter of Julian Castro, rising Democratic party star and mayor of San Antonio, is the sort of kid who responds to the attention of TV cameras and millions of strangers by flipping her hair around with the sort of fabulosity that most adults can’t muster. And an internet celebrity was born.

During a climactic moment in his keynote address, Mayor Castro mentioned sending Carina Victoria off to her first day of Pre-K, and then probably something sweet about being a parent. I don’t know exactly what was said, because I was distracted by little Carina Victoria’s dead serious expression as she whipped her hair back and forth and watched herself on the Jumbotron. It went on for so many precious, hilarious seconds.

The youngest of the Castro clan hasn’t yet learned to smize, but she’s definitely Voguing at a 2nd grade level. It was probably the most exciting moment in an otherwise excruciatingly boring affair for a pre-K-aged child. The real magic starts at about the 30 second mark in this video.

And, yes, it’s already been gif’d.

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