This $347 Yoga Mat Doubles as an Instructor, Better Be Worth It

If you ever wanted to have a one-sided conversation with your yoga mat, then that is very cool. But also, you’re in luck because there is a thing called a SmartMat. It’s smart, it’s a yoga mat, and it uses your measurements to guide your alignment and alert you whenever your cat poses are a little too catty.

Step 1: Lay on the mat. Easy enough. Then, according to Mashable:

The yoga mat takes your measurements, such as determining arm span by laying on the mat, and then monitors your abilities and limitations. For example, it knows if you’re flexible enough to place heels on the ground during the Downward Dog pose).
As you begin a workout, it corrects your poses along the way, offering suggestions so your hands and feet and the rest of your body are in alignment. It gives you feedback with visual clues, so it doesn’t disrupt anyone else around you, but an audio option lets you avoid spending the yoga session with your eyes glued to a mobile device.

True, the SmartMat is probably super convenient for yoga-app enthusiasts. Except that it’s over $300 right now. Head over to IndieGogo if you’d like to pre-order it for $347 and you’ll get it by next September. Maybe you can purchase it as a complement to these sweatpants?

Though I’m perfectly content with my screaming yoga teacher (I know that sounds non-soothing, but she’s highly effective), I am willing to test drive the SmartMat.

SmartMat: “Sigh. We need to talk…”

You: What is it?

SmartMat: “Well, it’s just… you’re doing it wrong.”

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