This Cover of 'Over the Rainbow' Will Shatter Your Heart Into Pieces


Pomplamoose is one of the best bands you might have never heard of and they’re going on tour. To promote their upcoming shows (and just because they’re pretty awesome) they’ve released this wonderful cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” that’s so deliciously melancholy — I seriously felt like Nathan Lane in something on Broadway when I typed that — that it might shatter your heart into millions of irreparable pieces. Trust me, neither the king’s horses nor the king’s men will be able to put your vital internal organ together again (or salvage my mixed metaphors).

If you like what they do, you should check out Pomplamoose’s big hit from several years ago. It’s called “Bust Your Knee Caps” and it’s about exactly what you think it is: A marathon runner who’s developed arthritis in one or both of her knees. (No, it’s about the mafia.)

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