This Crazy Ninja Schoolgirl Chase Video Is Awesome


Know this up front: This is an ad. But it’s so fun, so awesome, so cleverly done and amazingly produced, the nanoseconds of product placement at the end are totally worth it.

The premise, according to Suntory:

It starts out innocently enough – a pair of ordinary schoolgirls, close friends, are messing about, shooting a video of each other on a smart phone when one of them suddenly bolts. Her friend gives chase and things escalate when the pair uses ninja tactics in an epic pursuit that leads from the school all around the city of Atami.

The star:

Fuka Yoshino is a professional kick boxer (shoot boxing) who belongs to the “Toshinjuku” school. Not only fresh and cute, she is a powerful and agile athlete. The juxtaposition between “cute” and “powerful” is part of her charm.

Even though it looks like it was all done on the fly, the clip was shot in Atami, with permission from officials. Oh! And the drummer — Muneomi Senju — used to be in the band the Boredoms.

(h/t WTFJS)

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