This Divorce Is a Country Song: Blake Cheated, Not Miranda

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On Monday, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced they had filed for divorce. That’s a Tammy Wynette song. On Tuesday, insiders claimed Lambert was at fault, and that cheated on Shelton with two different dudes. That’s a Hank Williams song. Today, sources are claiming Lambert is completely innocent and that Shelton did all the cheating. This one, obviously, is Carrie Underwood.

Combined, the past three days have been an Alan Jackson song. Or maybe all of the Maya Rudolph and Jennifer Aniston songs from this perfect SNL sketch.

It’s a classic case of he said/she said … but sources close to Lambert say Shelton’s the one who strayed … with a famous country singer no less.
The sources claim Blake’s camp was unscrupulous, and threw mud with the help of a powerful PR firm that attacked Miranda before the ink was dry on the divorce docs.

At this rate, tomorrow they’ll be back together. Friday they’ll disappear. On Saturday, Earth will suddenly become Mars. By Sunday the universe will have returned to complete nothingness.


A Hamptons frozen yogurt spot refused to open their doors for Rihanna. OK, fine, they were technically closed at the time (it was 11:00PM and “staffers were packing up”), but still! RiRi apparently showed up with her bodyguards and began “pleading” to be let in. She was reportedly “caressing the front door with her body.” It didn’t work, and she presumably had to settle for another bag of hot Cheetos to satisfy her cravings.

[Page Six]

Kylie Jenner finished high school, some people don’t believe her, and I just wish she would have broken up these two tweets a little differently:

  • Joan River’s wrongful-death suit will be given “special treatment” by its judge. [Page Six]
  • Melissa Gorga might get a show with Teresa’s fambly. [Radar Online]
  • Chris Brown literally can’t leave the Philippines. [TMZ]
  • Drew Barrymore is literally jumping for joy on her book cover. [E! Online]
  • Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are officially over. [Celebitchy]
  • Dascha Polanco has a lot to say about body image. [Celebitchy]

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