This Fall, Shonda Rhimes Wants You To Say 'Thank God It's Thursday'


This fall on ABC, Thursday nights are All Shonda Rhimes All The Time. The network is betting big on the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, lining them all up on one night for three hours of DRAMA.

In this promo video, Ellen Pompeo, Kerry Washington and Viola Davis — the three stars of the three Shondaland shows — sit down with Rhimes, who says, “It’s going to be a sort of edge-of-your-seat three-hour block of time on Thursday nights.”

There are no spoilers about any of the plots of any of the shows, but it’s still a really incredible video, if you think about what you’re seeing:

  • A female showrunner with three programs on primetime network TV
  • A woman of color showrunner with three programs on primetime network TV
  • Two women of color starring in programs on primetime network TV

I feel okay with ABC trying to make #TGIT a thing.

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