This Hideous, Ghastly Wedding Cake Is for Sale on eBay


A bride in the U.K. ordered the new tires wedding cake on the left and got that used tires monstrosity on the right. What to do? Sell that b on eBay!

She writes:

Complete disaster… offers please? I have roses which fell off this abomination if required. Sorry no returns.


Please note this cake will be inedible, therefore I do not take any personal responsibility if any part is eaten by the buyer. Collection only applies, as very heavy.

The sale has unfortunately ended early, with nobody buying it. Perhaps health code violation afoot? Or just nobody wanted to be seen gorging themselves on blown out tire cake? That main problem is that she didn’t list the flavor! If that’s vegan red velvet then I’ll fly to Haltwhistle Northumberland right now to get it for 99 pence!

[eBay via Huffington Post]

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