This Is the Most Excited You'll Ever See a Baby About Weather 


Watch this video and witness a child acquire a lifelong love of meteorology—or set on a course towards a future as a hype woman. One or the other.

Weather Channel personality Jim Cantore is, of course, famous for freaking the fuck out about various meteorological phenomena. (That, and the fact that if he shows up anywhere near your house you should evacuate immediately.) His reaction to witnessing “thundersnow” in Boston this weekend did not disappoint.

But nobody enjoyed his antics more than this baby, via Anthony de Rosa. When he starts yelling, she starts yelling. Stay tuned for the part where the baby gets so excited she starts waving her hands around while spinning several times. Kiddo, this is an entirely appropriate reaction to thundersnow and I look forward to your action-packed storm-chasing reality show, coming to a television near me in roughly 25 years.

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