This Is the Most Honest 'What I'm Grateful For' You Will Ever Read

The lesson is: Never try. Or try. You’re going to end up in the same place regardless.

Several hours ago, this photo of a newspaper began circulating around Twitter and Imgur. It originated on Reddit, but it ended up in my mailbox (several times!), and on this day of giving thanks, there’s nothing more inspirational than what little Isabella Jerhigan is thankful for: Dead people. Why? Because they tried.

Thank you, Isabella. You taught us all the meaning of Thanksgiving. I also want to know exactly what Ms. Clary is doing right, because at least two of these kids love her more than they love their own parents and siblings. Does she have smelly markers? I bet she does. (And puffy stickers.)

Standard disclaimer that this may not be a real little girl, but it’s Thanksgiving and it’s funny and we deserve a little joy. Joy brought from dead people trying.

Image via Imgur

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