This Jeopardy News Might Fuck Up Your Mom's Day


Please be ready to call your parents after reading this blog because Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek might retire from the show soon.

TMZ reported that in a recent interview, Trebek said he would most likely leave the show when his contract expires in 2020. He also already has two potential replacements in mind: Alex Faust, a sports announcer who does play-by-play announcements for the Kings, and Laura Coates, a legal analyst for CNN.

Personally, I think Trebek’s departure is good news, because I hate the man. I grew up in a Jeopardy!-watching family, in front of the TV nearly every night, and while I love the show itself, I’ve always been in awe of how incredibly, although subtly, rude Trebek can be. I find him to be almost unbearably smug when it comes to contestants’ incorrect or slightly incorrect answers, as if he knows all the answers naturally and not, oh I don’t know, because he has them prewritten out on little cards right in front of him???

He’s called a contestant a loser to her face, pitied those who don’t score big money, mocked contestants for not knowing enough trivia, and has been casually sexist. And when I found out via the Sony emails leak that Trebek almost dramatically quit the show because the mother of a crying child on Jeopardy! Kids asked the host to re-tape an episode after Trebek did nothing to console her, I felt like I could confirm what I always knew to be true: Trebek is kind of an asshole. There’s even a Facebook page called “I Hate Alex Trebek,” with an accurate assessment of the man’s personality:


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