This Travis Kelce/Jana Kramer Drama Is Weird

Kramer recently said on her podcast that Kelce seems like he's "always drunk" and suggested he's a bad influence on Taylor Swift...which understandably puzzled the Kansas Chiefs tight end.

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This Travis Kelce/Jana Kramer Drama Is Weird

I get that having people you don’t know talk about you is pretty par for the course as a celebrity, but this is a little crazy: Earlier this week, One Tree Hill star and Whine Down host Jana Kramer sounded off on her podcast about Travis Kelce being an alcoholic and influencing Taylor Swift to drink more, in a way that truly made it sound like Kramer knows the couple, but… she doesn’t?? At all??

“He was taken aback as he’s never met her and is just living his life,” an “insider” close to Kelce told Page Six on Wednesday. Another “source” told the outlet that Kelce is “under a microscope, basically being watched everywhere he goes.” That definitely entails hearing a rumor or two about yourself but you still hate to hear someone writing fan fiction about your relationship with substances and that it’s affecting people in your life.

In the Sunday episode of Kramer’s podcast, she said that Kelce appears to be “always drunk,” then said of Swift, “I see her drinking more now. Like, the company you keep.” (Here’s where I’ll chime in: Swift—bless her—has been very unabashedly downing drinks at award shows and other public events for years now, so if she is seen drinking in public with Kelce, I don’t think that’s his #impact???) Kramer also suggested Kelce had anger issues, referencing his “aggression” in a confrontation with his coach during the Super Bowl back in February.

This, honestly, is all fair game for the confines of a group chat or something but having a decently sized platform and using it to dole out very personal observations about fellow celebrities you do not know is… certainly a choice!

In any case, whoever this “source” close to Kelce is, they really went to bat for him. Yes, the Super Bowl champ very obviously likes to party. But, the source argued, “If he was passed out somewhere, I would totally understand, but that’s not the case whatsoever.” Kramer just “latches onto people to get attention,” they said. Kelce is but a “normal human being” having a good time like anyone else, except the rest of us plebeians are “not in the public eye.” Fair enough!

I’m with Kelce: We all gotta’ fight for our right to party—whether Jenna Kramer approves or not…

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