Fans Think Taylor Swift Got ‘the Ick’ From Travis Kelce During His Little Super Bowl Speech

Kelce let loose during his victory speech and Swift’s facial expressions while watching him were pretty, err, relatable…

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Fans Think Taylor Swift Got ‘the Ick’ From Travis Kelce During His Little Super Bowl Speech

This year’s Super Bowl was unique in that it was very much #ForTheGirls thanks to Taylor Swift’s high-profile relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelcewhich we’ve all been following via Amber Alert-like updates since they were first reported to be “quietly hanging out” in the fall. And consequently, the terminally online right wing was even able to make a culture war out of the biggest sporting event of the year: For weeks, ring wingers have been pushing theories that Swift and Kelce’s relationship is a government psy op and Swift would endorse Joe Biden while Kelce vaccinated the crowd at the Super Bowl halftime show. Predictably enough, none of that happened. What did happen is Swift brought out a bunch of her squad (Blake Lively, Ice Spice, and Lana Del Rey), chugged beer on the jumbotron, and seems to have had a very fun night.

After all that, as Twitter has likely already pointed out to you, with Kelce’s victory over the 49ers, Swift won a championship in her first year (as a sports fan) and shared a very romantic moment with Kelce on the field after the game. She even shared a nice moment with Kelce’s mom! But social media users are also convinced they’ve pin-pointed the exact moment Swift got “the ick” while watching Kelce let loose during his victory remarks, in which he repeatedly screamed, “Viva Las Vegas!” and “You gotta fight for your right to party!” See the facial expression in question below:

“seeing someone get the ick in real time,” one user tweeted over a photo of Swift watching Kelce. It was a widely shared observation…

We’ve all been there!!! The “ick” is a universal experience, something you will occasionally feel even toward someone you are deeply in love with—even, perhaps, on one of the biggest nights of their lives—when they start screaming and bro-ing out and generally making a scene. Or, counterpoint: Maybe those are just close-up shots of Swift’s face at an inopportune time, taken out of context and subjected to needless internet speculation? Who knows! One way or another, Tayvis won, meaning Pfizer, wokeness, and the anti-Trump CIA won by proxy, and now we all have government microchips implanted in our brains. By the end of the night, Swift and Kelce were celebrating their great political coup by dancing the night away at the Chiefs’ afterparty and singing along to her music

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