This Week In Meghan McCain Brings More Unpopular Opinions and Joy Behar's Funeral


Meghan McCain called out Pete Davidson this week for making attendees of his stand-up show sign NDAs, arguing that anyone whose job is to offer social commentary in public should be able to take criticism. I will consider that a ringing endorsement of this series, which I am already pretty sure she watches.

McCain also announced that she won’t be attending Joy Behar’s funeral because she “won’t give me any lasagna unless I give you my guns,” and warned Democrats against gambling on the “purity” of a candidate like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders over a candidate who can “actually win” like Joe Biden. Electability is a scam but honestly, it’s refreshing to hear a conservative admit to their own moral failings out loud.

Don’t worry, Meghan, Jezebel will be sure to keep turning up the heat in the your kitchen (until you get canceled for good).

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