This Week In Meghan McCain Brings the War on Christmas and Harsh Words for Greta Thunberg and Tom Steyer


Meghan McCain was already in the holiday spirit this week, lamenting the PC war on Christmas and inviting her “bestie,” Clay Aiken and his disturbing Meghan McCain socks onto the show to sing a Christmas carol.

She managed to spar with Tom Steyer, arguing (without making any eye contact) that he is a less qualified candidate than Bloomberg because of his lack of political experience. Somehow, she still loves political amateur Andrew Yang, though. She also accused Greta Thunberg of “peaking” moments after saying that she would not attack a minor. How quickly we forget!

Unfortunately, McCain just narrowly avoided being canceled by the Jezebel readership, but a girl can dream. Luckily, this is the penultimate episode of Jezebel’s This Week In Meghan McCain.

Come back next week for the 30th and final week of my personal suffering, but until then, watch the video above.

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