This Woman Makes More Than $9000 A Month Letting People Watch Her Eat


A South Korean woman named Park Seo-yeon makes serious BANK and all she does is cook food and let strangers on the Internet watch her eat food.

The latest internet craze in South Korea is known as “gastronomic
voyeurism” — watching people eat online — and one woman is making a
killing from it. Park Seo-yeon — known as “The Diva” — cooks elaborate dishes and sets
them in front of her webcam. Then she sits down and begins eating,
broadcasting her meals over the Internet. People tune in to chat with
her and send her virtual gifts that translate into cash. She makes more
than $9,000 every month from the venture — and has quit her full-time
job at a consulting firm as a result.

Why did I even go to college, man. Hey, I’m eating a corn dog right now. For the bargain price of $50, I will send you a photo. It’s a good corn dog, too.

Kotaku has a bigger take on the phenomenon, with lots and lots of food porn gifs.

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