This Woman's Impressions of Celebs in Her Car Are Pretty Spectacular

Lauren O’Brien figured out a great way to beat the frustration of L.A. traffic.

The comedian pulls of a pretty outstanding number of celebrity impressions, all from the comfort of her automobile. She manages to do the Olsen Twins, Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie, Ellen DeGeneres, Lena Dunham, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and others, with little more than a change of hairstyle, makeup and her facial expressions. snagged an interview with O’Brien, who said she started when she was young, doing impressions of Madonna. “I would have my parents cracking up doing impersonations of family members, teachers, the mail man. I was a middle child so quickly learned how to get my attention in a family of five kids,” she said.

She said she’s hoping to get cast on Saturday Night Live one day. O’Brien is on Twitter and Instagram if you want to see more from her before she gets her big break.

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