Three People Arrested for Running Fake Masonic Police Department


Police arrested three people in Los Angeles who claimed to be members of the fabricated Masonic Fraternal Police Department, which was supposedly descended from the ancient Knights Templar order. The group’s website states that the first police department was created by the Knights Templar in 1100 B.C. and they had jurisdiction in 33 states as well as in Mexico. It also says this:

When asked what is the difference between The Masonic Fraternal Police Department and other Police Departments the answer is simple for us. We were here first! We are born into this Organization our bloodlines go deeper then an application. This is more then (sic) a job it is an obligation.

The trio wasn’t exactly hiding their mysterious police force either, sending letters to several police departments across the state and even visiting one in person. According to The L.A. Times, the group includes Brandon Kiel, an aide to Attorney General Kamala Harris, David Henry, who is described on their website as the “Chief of Police” and “Honorable Grand Master” and a woman named Tonette Hayes. At some point, the team met with L.A. County Sheriff’s Capt. Roosevelt Johnson to let them know that a new police force was in town, an ancient police force, that is. Johnson knew something strange was going on and had detectives scope out the visitors, who had on unfamiliar police uniforms. The three now face multiple charges, including impersonating an officer, unlawful use of state ID and felony perjury. The motive for the group’s role-playing antics is still under investigation.

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