Three-Year-Old Takes 677 Selfies in a Row Because This Is Life Now


Imagine you’re a parent with a charming 3-year-old. From time to time, you allow said child to hold your phone and play with it because it’s either that or listen to a screaming 3-year-old cry because they want to play with your phone. Imagine now that after you give your phone to your lovely child you discover she has used it to take 700 selfies.

In August, Time profiled Mortao Maotor and wondered if she deserved the title of Selfie Queen for posting more than 12,000 pics of her own face:

By way of comparison, Mr. Pimpgoodgame, the self-proclaimed selfie king from Texas, has 10 times as many followers but has posted a paltry 600 self portraits. Jen Selter, who has garnered more than 4,000,000 followers with pictures of her unusually rounded rump, has posted only 457 shots at last count. And then there’s Ms. [Kardashian], with her millions of followers–but counting her self-portraits would be as absurd as counting sand. The Kardashians play in a their own selfie league.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we now have a new contender for the title of Internet’s Official Selfie Queen. Called “G” by her mother, this 3-year-old snapped 677 selfies, all of which her mother compiled into the video above, because of course we need a video of 677 selfies of a toddler.

G proved that it’s never enough to just want to have a lot of pictures of yourself at various angles where the light is hitting you just right and your cheekbones are in the perfect position and your hair is just the right amount of messy chic and your eyeliner isn’t gunked up under one eye. You have to go out there AND EARN IT, DAMMIT.

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