Tiger King's Carole Baskin Criticizes the Big Pussies in the WAP Video

Tiger King's Carole Baskin Criticizes the Big Pussies in the WAP Video
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600 years ago, in what was either Smarch or Blipril, all anyone could talk about was Tiger King and potential husband-murderer Carole Baskin. Now it’s summer (maybe), we’ve collectively moved on from Tiger King, and all anyone can talk about is a different kind of pussy, Baskin included. My brain! The discourse! Broken!!!

Billboard reports that everybody’s favorite Tiger Queen doesn’t like Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP (“wet ass pussy”) video because it features a number of big pussies, and by that, I mean (Photoshopped) cheetahs and tigers. Apparently, Baskin’s worried that the video will inspire people to get big cats as pets, just as the video has inspired some of us to move our bodies in painful and unnatural ways.

Per Billboard:

“The worst part is that it glamorizes the idea of rich people having tigers as pets,” Baskin explained. “That makes every ignorant follower want to imitate by doing the same. After tigers are too old for pay to play sessions by people like Joe Exotic, Bhagavan Antle, Marc McCarthy, Mario Tabraue and others, they become a liability instead of an asset. While I think most are destroyed behind closed gates at that point, some end up being given away to people who want to have a tiger to show off. That never works out and the cats either die or end up dumped in sanctuaries or, worse yet, breeding mills. Either way, it’s always abusive to the cat.”

And though it’s pretty clear the cats were CGIed into the video and not just hanging out with Cardi B in the house, Baskin worries the original cats were owned by some bad folks:

“That being said, you have to pose a wildcat in front of a green screen to get that image and that doesn’t happen in the wild,” she pointed out about the scenes with a cheetah and a tiger in “WAP.”
Baskin continued: “It can’t happen in sanctuaries like ours where cats have plenty of room to avoid a green screen (or would shred it if offered access and could die from ingesting it). That tells me they probably dealt with one of the big cat pimps, who makes a living from beating, shocking and starving cats to make them stand on cue in front of a green screen in a studio. That’s never good for the cat.”

Billboard says Cardi B has not responded for request for comment on Baskin’s allegations, but here’s hoping all pussies involved in the making of the WAP video were and are treated with love and respect.

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