To Catch A Predator's Chris Hansen Caught Cheating With Second Woman

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As you’ll recall, NBC anchor Chris Hansen was caught cheating on his wife last month in a story that delighted headline writers β€” but not the other woman he was sleeping with. Kathleen Collins, a stripper and “aspiring country singer,” was simply shocked to discover he’s the kind of dude who would cheat. Says a friend, “I know this sounds crazy, but Kathleen really thought she was the only one.” Though Collins knew Hansen was married, the source tells the National Enquirer she thought he was in the process of leaving his wife. “Kathleen feels like she’s been used and betrayed – Chris definitely broke her heart,” adds the friend. [Daily Mail]

Jesse James Tweeted a photo of himself with Kat Von D and she responded “…” so the person writing for Perez thinks they’re back together. [Perez]

During their concert in L.A. last night, Coldplay performed a slowed down version of Amy Winehouse‘s “Rehab.” [E!]
A song Amy Winehouse recorded with Tony Bennett will be released in September, with all proceeds going to the foundation her family started in her name. [E!]

You may have seen a (not all that) scandalous photo of Rihanna grinding with a man in Barbados while wearing a Carnival outfit. Apparently this is all on the up and up because she’s dumped Drake and is now dating the gentleman in question, “first love” Negus Sealy. [Radar]

  • Justin Timberlake‘s bodyguard was arrested in the U.K. after a scuffle with a paparazzo. There are photos of the bodyguard with his hands on the guy, but a “pal” says, the bodyguard, “did not touch that photographer. He was a lying piece of shit photographer who fell down.” JT’s bodyguard isn’t being charged, so perhaps the pal is right. (About the falling part. No word on whether the dude’s a lying piece of shit.) [E!]
  • Prince Harry, who recently declared that he’s single, had the gall to vacation in Majorica without Florence Brudenell-Bruce, the young lady tabloids keep insisting is his girlfriend. [People]
  • There is now a lien on Val Kilmer‘s property because his ex-wife, Joanna Whalley, says he’s fallen behind in child support payments. He was supposed to pay her $27,500 a month for their two children, who are now teenagers. [TMZ]
  • TMZ wanted Kim Kardashian to be offended because her fiance called his mom the most beautiful woman on the planet, but since Kim’s not insane she said it was “sweet.” [TMZ]
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar will do a guest spot on All My Children before the show goes off the air. “I called up the casting director and told her I wanted to do something,” she said, “that I want to be a part of it.” Kendall Hart is now played by another actress, so Gellar may have to appear as her long-lost evil twin. [Deadline]
  • You’re going to want to sit down for this story about a Trivial Pursuit game between Paul Rudd and Jon Hamm when they were seniors in high school. Rudd says Hamm, a friend of the family, was “super handsome, really smart, and very good at sports – all of these things that I most certainly was not.” Rudd was trying to impress a girl and, “Every question that came up, I had no idea what the fucking answer was. Jon, my arch nemesis, rolled the dice, and the question was, ‘What’s the biggest lake in Africa?’ and he just goes ‘Victoria.’ And I remember feeling so totally emasculated that the next year when I went away to acting school I thought back to that Trivial Pursuit moment and I just felt, Holy shit, now that I’m in acting school I’m never going to learn what the biggest lake in Africa is.” [N.Y. Mag]
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