Toddlers & Tiaras: Are Kiddie Pageants Better For Boy Contestants?


Last night’s episode featured 7-year-old Brock, a little boy who loves Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, competitive dance, dressing up in sparkly things, his two dolls Lexi and Rebecca, and is a self-proclaimed “diva.” What’s different about Brock and the majority of other pageant kids is that it’s completely obvious that it’s his choice to compete, and that this is something he desperately wants to do. There were no tears about having to tan, no whining about rehearsing his routine, and no temper tantrums about changing outfits. Granted, as a male, Brock didn’t have to experience some of the less pleasant aspects of glitz pageants, like hair pieces, false lashes and acrylic nails, but his enthusiasm leads one to believe that he’d probably very much like to wear a face full of makeup for his routine.

But really, the best part about Brock’s participation in pageants—and his proclivity for stereotypically feminine pastimes—is how supportive his parents are of his individuality and his interests. Perhaps that kind of positive reinforcement is partially why Brock beat out all the other girls at the pageant for the title of Best Personality.

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