Trash Collector Saves Dog From Garbage Bag, Fills Our Hearts With Hope


Victoria Roman, a trash collecter in NYC, was doing her job last week when she noticed a garbage bag move. Seeing as that was very weird, Roman opened the bag to find month old delivery food that had come to life. JK, it was way worse, a tiny Shih Tzu in very bad condition — her eyes were matted-shut and her toenails were so overgrown that she could barely stand.

“She was in horrible, terrible condition,” Roman said. “It breaks my heart and I don’t want to start crying, but she was in really, really bad shape.”

Here’s what she looked like:

If Roman hadn’t have noticed her, she would’ve been crushed in the back of the truck, and then dumped at a landfill. But since she did, the small dog was able to get to Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC), an animal shelter in Williamsburg where she was treated and saved. She is now well on her way to recovery, and has a line of potential adopters out the door.

Oh, and the dog’s name? It’s Victoria, and here’s what she looks like now:

Cue all the tears… annnnnd let ’em rip.


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