Treat Yo' Self: Parks and Rec's Donna Is About to Get Twitter Famous


If one thing has gotten us through the Parks and Recreation summer hiatus, it’s the presence of Retta and the incredible Twitter account she uses to write the best TV recaps on the whole goddam internet.

Art will soon be imitating life as Parks and Rec showrunner Mike Schur has decided to incorporate some of Retta’s real life Twitter personality into her character Donna Meagle.

According to Vulture:

Donna’s getting a Twitter account. Several episodes into Parks’ new season (premiering September 20), she will sound off about a new (fake) movie 140 characters at a time. Retta says her alter ego has questionable taste. “I’ve watched the movie [she will be tweeting about]. It’s really bad, but Donna loves it,” she says, adding that she’s pretty excited to come up with the colorful tweets. “The writers are gonna let me do some of my own lines. People who know me will think it’s hilarious.”

Oh, Retta. how can you treat yo’self when you’re so busy treating us?


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