Trey Songz's 'About You' Borrows Lyrics, Cues From Carly Simon


Trey Songz is sorta back with lines from Carly Simon? Sure, why not.

Despite having a hit in “Slow Motion” on Billboard’s R&B and Hip-Hop chart, Trigga is overshadowed by Chris Brown, a guest on nearly every song on the radio, and topless men like Miguel. But Songz is trying to push his way back from the R&B fringe with a new single “About You” which borrows “you probably think this song is about you” from Simon’s “You’re So Vain,” her song allegedly ripping Mick Jagger, David Geffen, or James Taylor.

That said, Songz’s “About You” video seems more like a commercial for the prominently featured SX liquors, for which he was newly anointed spokesperson, than for promoting his music. (SX received a smoother product placement in Songz’s “Slow Motion” video.) Here, he just happens to be in the room. The clip has no real concept and it’s unclear what’s happening besides people drunkenly throwing themselves in a pool and dancing in carnival feathers.

Songz is good at what he does—being a sexy R&B singer. However this clip is an unfortunate example of why it feels like he’s on the outside looking in.

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Image via Youtube.

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