Trump Creep Brad Parscale's Comeback Plan Now Includes Caitlyn Jenner

Trump Creep Brad Parscale's Comeback Plan Now Includes Caitlyn Jenner
Graphic:Jezebel (Photos: Getty Images)

According to a single unnamed source (one possibly named Brad Parscale), Donald Trump’s former campaign manager and top adviser Brad Parscale is helping Caitlyn Jenner prep for her possible California gubernatorial run.

Via the New York Post:

Parscale, who has known Jenner in a personal capacity for a few years, is helping her with staffing critical personnel as she considers launching a gubernatorial bid, the source says.
The former campaign manager began connecting the Olympian and reality television star with the right politicos for her team after she reached out asking for assistance.

As Axios reported earlier this week, some of those “right politicos for her team” include Caroline Wren, a former fundraiser for Trump’s campaign whose most recent adventures have revolved around planning the January 6 rally held by Women For America First that preceded the insurrection at the Capitol.

A source “close to Parscale” told the Post that Parscale “was not interested in being campaign manager for a second time, though he could be asked to join the Jenner team as an adviser down the line.”

Whatever his role in Jenner’s campaign, it’s clear Parscale is making a bid for a political comeback. Parscale was detained last year by the Fort Lauderdale police after his wife Candice reported he had physically abused her, bruises visible on her arms and her face. Parscale, whom Candice said had also threatened her with a loaded gun, was also reportedly at risk of harming himself. (Candice later recanted her claims of abuse.)

In addition to advising Jenner, Parscale has created a super PAC and an advocacy group meant to, as he put it, “offer an accurate state-by-state aggregation of all needed, ongoing, and completed efforts towards voting integrity.”

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