Turkish Divers Accidentally Save an Inflatable Sex Doll from Drowning


A beautiful day at the beach briefly turned horrific before it turned hilarious — seaside residents in Turkey’s northern Samsun province panicked and called police when they noticed what seemed like a body floating in the Black Sea. Alarums were raised. Boats were commandeered. Somewhere, trembling along in his house, a lascivious man watched the action through a slit in his Venetian blinds. When rescuers reached the body, they were met with a grisly surprise — an inflatable sex doll, just floating along, waiting to make some over-eager shark the laughing stock of his entire gang.

Dismayed the rescue team quickly deflated and discarded the doll. Since the area teems with tourists, nobody really knows where the doll came from, and the odds are pretty low that someone’s going to stroll into police headquarters in a few days and ask if anyone’s seen a sex doll, oh, about yea tall and smelling pungently of Panama Jack tanning oil and sadness.

Turkish divers “rescue” blow-up sex doll from sea [Reuters]

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