Turns Out Michaele Salahi Was Just Crashing Celebrity Rehab

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Michaele Salahi has been kicked off of Celebrity Rehab. Sources reveal she was asked to leave because she “has no addiction.” and “no reason to be there.” Come on! Is there no cure for famewhoring? [TMZ, The Hollywood Gossip]

James Franco posted a video of himself sitting in the passenger seat of a car while Agyness Deyn (née Laura Hollins) drives. Now the actor is rumored to be romancing the model, because if there’s one thing the gossip culture teaches us, it’s that men and women cannot possibly be just friends, especially if they are famous. [Wonder Wall]

The deal between Lady Gaga and Target has been dissolved. She’d been in discussions to sell an exclusive version of her album at the store, but told Billboard magazine last month: “Part of my deal with Target is that they have to start affiliating themselves with LGBT charity groups and begin to reform and make amends for the mistakes they’ve made in the past.” Was that a stumbling block? [MetroWeekly, Page Six]
Rock journalist Neil Strauss says of Lady Gaga: “I asked her if she’d been through a traumatic experience when she was younger and she said yes, that it was when she was in New York and it was so terrible that she’d blocked it out. She said it was so horrible that she didn’t want it in her younger fans’ heads. I think she felt that if she opened up about herself, then it would define her and that’s all anyone would ask about.” Cue the rampant speculation. [Radar Online]

Crap. Lily Allen is not happy about that show filmed as she and her sister launched a clothing store. She Tweeted about Lily Allen: From Riches To Rags: “We started filming it a year ago and I feel like a completely different person that the one that features in the programme. I’m inclined to ask you not to watch it cause quite frankly I am embarrassed. On the other hand I want you all to watch it so you can see how the press coverage of it has been totally sensationalised and quotes taken out of context.” She adds: “I don’t think I got a fee, it was meant to be a show about sisters starting a business. I think I may have been a little naive.” [Contact Music]

  • Miley Cyrus has been “text-flirting” with Kings Of Leons bassist Jared Followill. [Pop Eater]
  • A Tomb Raider movie without Angelina Jolie? Blasphemy! Unless they cast Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Then I’m already there. Waiting. [NYDN]
  • Proof our country rewards bad behavior: Charlie Sheen has landed a merchandising and licensing deal, which means shirts with quotes from Sheen will appear on crap being sold at Wal-Mart, Target and Hot Topic. Official “Winning” memorabilia may be for sale as soon as next week, and an exec says Chuckles has “a lot of brilliant ideas.” [Wonder Wall]
  • “EXCLUSIVE: Brooke Mueller ‘Concerned And Distressed’ Over Radar Video Showing Son Cussing ‘Kiss My A**’ While With Charlie Sheen.” [Radar Online]
  • Will Rob Lowe replace Chuckles on Two And A Half Men? [TMZ]
  • Tony Award-winning director Julie Taymor is no longer the director of troubled Broadway show Spider-Man: Turn On The Lights, People Are Injured. Was she fired? Did she walk? Meanwhile, opening night has been delayed. Again. [Business Insider, CBS News]
  • When Kim Kardashian checks into hotels, she does so under the name Princess Jasmine. Lindsay Lohan calls herself Bella Lovelace. I call myself Paka Broadway, after the family’s first cat and the street I grew up on. Or wait, is that my porn name? [Page Six
  • Russell Brand loves kissing Katy Perry, and describes her lips thusly:
    “They are a conduit to paradise, a tunnel to another world. They are redemption, salvation, glory, poetry!” [Digital Spy]
  • Steaming hot Old Spice spokesman Isaiah Mustafa says of Kathy Griffin: “I think she is amazing. I think she is a force of nature.” In response to the rumor that they’re dating, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like says: “I just happen to be a single man!” Okay, so… just boning, then? [Us Magazine]
  • Isaiah Mustafa Declares He’s Single.” [People]
  • Isaiah Mustafa used to be a bartender at West Hollywood’s hottest gay bar, The Abbey. [Janet Charlton’s Hollywood]
  • LOL! “Taylor Momsen Needs To Lay Off The Blow.” [The WoW Report]
  • “We weren’t [engaged]. And I think this happens in everyone’s lives: you get back together, you try and make it work, and it doesn’t. It’s not acrimonious, it had run its course.” — Sienna Miller on her relationship with Jude Law. [Guardian]
  • Attention Jack and Rose shippers! Kate Winslet says: “He knows me better than anyone else in the world. Lots of male friendships begin as a cheeky snog. Or a little undercurrent of flirtation. But Leo and I? No. He’s my rock. I don’t know what the fuck I would have done if I hadn’t had him.” Leonardo DiCaprio adds: “We literally grew up together. And in every major life event we’ve been there as a support mechanism for each other.” [Zimbio]
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