Twerkbot Is Here to Save the Future of Humanity


Robots. Is there anything they cannot do? The answer (up until now) has been yes, they can’t twerk to save the human race. But one music group is working to fix that.

The latest video from British electronic music dance duo Basement Jaxx, shows us how science will save us when the grim end times approach and human beings finally stop dancing. Via Nick Murray at Rolling Stone:

“Never Say Never” opens on scientists working in an E.T.-like closed environment. Speaking in Japanese, the first says, “Without dance there is no love. Without love there is no passion. Without passion there are no humans,” while the second begins reading facts: “72% have stopped partaking in the art of dancing. And in 15 years, 98% of us will cease to dance.”
The Jaxx Industries solution? A “TW3RK-BOT 1.0” that we see develop over the course of a few years. The finished product includes a USB drive, Wi-Fi connection and something called “triple-jointed pneumatics,” but its creators never fully explain how it will help the world resume dancing.

The video was made by SKUNK’s Saman Kesh who explained just how Twerkbot will bring humanity back from the brink of devastation. “The Twerkbot is a bi-pedal wonder created to save mankind from losing touch with the art of dance,” he said in a statement posted on Vimeo. “Using various sensory stimuli & JAXX patented buttocks technology, it can mimic any form of lower body movement at near flawless accuracy. The utilities of the bot range from the perfect dance partner to even a faithful instructor in countless real world applications, the Twerkbot will bring the art of dance back to mankind.”

I was going to pursue a degree in Buttocks Technology but unfortunately my grades were just not good enough. Looks like this is just another person’s dream, for now. Learn more about Basement Jaxx’s video here.

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