'Two Girls, One Bug' Could Be The Grossest Game Show Stunt Ever


If you’ve ever wondered how close we are to The Hunger Games, Battle Royale or The Running Man (Arnold’s best role), this video of two women furiously trying to blow a monster bug into each other’s mouths should reassure you that we are on the precipice of giving up both life and limb for the chance to be on TV. (Also dignity, but that ship sailed a long time ago.)

AKBingo, which has been running since 2008, features the stars of AKB48, an all-girl pop group that not only has to sing and dance but play dodgeball on television in order to keep the interest of their fans by paying ridiculous penalties that are fun only in the sense that watching human suffering in a carnival-like atmosphere is an enjoyable act for many.

If you’re wondering whether the loser of this phallic, bug-infested tug-of-war has to eat the insect, the definitive answer is a resounding yes. If you don’t want to watch a cicada (what the bug is, for those interested) angrily hit the back of someone’s throat, here’s a description of the aftermath via The New York Daily News:

In a video of the full episode (jump to the 10:00 mark) the loser bites down on the cockroach as she and others on set squeal in disgust. She chews on it for a little while and then appears to swallow it.

::Jumps out a window::

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