Tyra Banks Still Wrongly Taking Credit For That Whole "Meat Dress" Thing


Tyra Banks told New York that Lady Gaga having worn a meat dress to last year’s Video Music Awards “doesn’t make me upset.” Banks continued, “Lady Gaga is such an artist that I doubt that she was looking at Top Model or her stylist was looking at Top Model and saying we should do it. I think they just did it and we just happened to do it first.” Actually, America’s Next Top Model was not the first to showcase meat as fashion. Not even close.

Banks is referring, of course, to America’s Next Top Model‘s infamous meat-wear challenge of Cycle 10. Pictured above is contestant Claire Unabia, as photographed in a meat locker by Trevor O’Shana for an ANTM episode that first aired on March 12, 2008.

But this is a photo of Brazilian model Caroline Trentini, as photographed by Steven Klein for the November, 2004, issue of American Vogue. Trentini reported that the experience of posing in this meat locker turned her vegetarian. Tyra may have pre-dated Gaga, but it turns out Anna was way ahead of them both. Click to enlarge.

Which isn’t to say Anna and co. were “first” to see the style potential in a side of beef, either. That title may well go to Canadian artist Jana Sterbak, who made a meat dress in 1987. (The work is titled “Vanitas: Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic.”)

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