Uber Touts Relationship with MADD in a Desperate Bid for Good Press


Following their oh-so-generous decision to cap surge pricing during the blizzard that sorta wasn’t, Uber continues to present themselves as a company that cares by publicizing their relationship with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (and President Obama’s close confidant David Plouffe). People, they are your good friends, especially if you are a person who is a lady.

In an email from their recently installed SVP of Policy & Strategy Plouffe–brilliantly titled “Choice is a Powerful Thing”–Uber noted that they will donate a dollar for every trip taken between 3 pm and 12 am this Super Bowl Sunday when riders use the promo code THINKANDRIDE. The email also publicized a new report Uber did with MADD (and the consulting firm Benenson Strategy Group) that claims that the addition of Uber to the Seattle area decreased the number of DUI arrests by 10 percent. They also claim that after uberX launched in California, “monthly alcohol-related crashes decreased by 6.5% (or 59.21 per month) among drivers under 30.” Lastly, they quite obviously point out that in cities around the country, people call Ubers at times when they are probably drunk.

Nifty! What hasn’t changed with regards to Uber is the number of women who have been raped and sexually harassed by their drivers and received inappropriate responses, if that, not to mention the company’s interest in tracking members of the media who attempt to report intel about them that is less than positive.

This relationship between Uber and MADD isn’t new; they launched the partnership this past Fourth of July. But it’s clear that Uber will continue promoting that relationship in order to make it known that they’re besties with the most inoffensive group in America. Plus David Plouffe and all that “choice” they give you. Don’t forget about that stuff.

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