UK's Centuries-Old Rule Could Change, Allowing First-Born Royal Daughter To Become Queen


There’s a saying about marrying royalty: The woman’s job is just to produce “an heir and a spare.” But. If Prince William and Duchess Catherine have a daughter, she could become the Queen Of England.

Prime Minister David Cameron has formally begun the process that would allow a female heir to take the throne. In a letter to all the prime ministers of former British colonies, Cameron asks them to support the change, as well as another.

He writes:

“In the UK, we have found it increasingly difficult to continue to justify two particular aspects of the present rules on the succession to the Crown.
The first is the rule which says that an elder daughter should take a place in the line of succession behind a younger son. We espouse gender equality in all other aspects of life, and it is an anomaly that in the rules relating to the highest public office we continue to enshrine male superiority.”

The second rule he’d like to get rid of is the one banning Catholics or anyone married to a Catholic from becoming king or queen.

Great Britain’s culture is so steeped in tradition that a push towards equality is a pretty big deal. Of course, to many people, the very idea of putting blue-bloods and royalty on a pedestal in this modern world is absurd and elitist. But the monarchy might just be more palatable for the plebes if it loses the outdated sexist aspect of inheriting the throne.

Just a warning: Conspiracy theorists at Star magazine are probably going to interpret this news as a confirmation that Kate Middleton is pregnant, and it’s a girl.

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