Underwire Bra Shields Woman from Gunshot Wound 


A woman in Germany was hit by a stray bullet—but it skipped off the underwire in her bra, possibly saving her life.

That’s according to the BBC. The tourist was bicycling around Mecklenberg-Western Pomerania when she apparently cycled into the middle of a boar hunt. But bullets are no match for the support of a good underwire:

The woman said she felt a pain in her chest, which turned out to be a bullet ricocheting off her bra underwire.
She was taken to a doctor in nearby Gadebusch by a passing motorist and treated for severe bruising on her chest plus a small blood clot.

As for how she found herself in the path of a bullet, NBC News offers a little context on the hunt itself, a rather Brothers Grimm-sounding institution:

Till Backhaus, agriculture minister for the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania region, said Saturday that wild animals are often flushed from hiding during the summer harvest season this time of year, driving them into public spaces and making it imperative that hunters exercise “extreme caution in order to avoid human casualties.”

All that wurst has to come from somewhere.

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Photo via Shutterstock/indigolotos.

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