Unhinged Ex Girlfriend's Viral Blog Was Actually A Marketing Hoax


Classic American love story: Boy meets girl. Boy cheats on girl. Girl discovers infidelity. Girl goes batshit crazy, taking out full page ads in college newspaper and starting whole tumblr about it. Boy grovels. Girl vows continued revenge. Girl turns out to be an invention of a record company promoting a new *bItChEs Be CrAzY* single all along.

Go F**k Yourself! breached popular consciousness just days ago, when an apoplectic full-page ad appeared in Penn State’s Daily Collegian containing the following text:

Dear J:
Hope she was worth it

Beneath the text was a link to a tumblrthat took curious emotional wreckage voyeurs down a short internet rabbit hole to a blog that seemed, on its surface, like the work of a seriously pissed off woman with broken heart, some damning text messages, and a well-worn four-letter vocabulary. Images of the ad were uploaded to Reddit, and the whole thing quickly went viral, as these things tend to do. And can you blame the masses? This pure, raw, unpasteurized anger is pretty tasty stuff.

Here’s the first entry from the blog:

The blog also featured screengrabs of text exchanges as well as another email, allegedly from the woman’s ex-boyfriend’s “slampiece,” claiming that the cheater had lied to her, too. Juicy! About as fun as sitting one table over from a fighting couple at a restaurant, if misery voyeurism is your thing!

But, alas, the rage of C was too well choreographed to be authentic. When those enterprising e-sleuths at The Daily Dot contacted the Collegian about who bought the ad that started it all, the paper’s business manager said that the purchaser of the ad was none other than Capital Music Group. And, sure enough, if you go to the Go Whatever Yourself blog, there’s a post on there from a band called My Crazy Girlfriend, which is signed with CMG. And also, this:

“Yeah I saw the ad, I had to approve it because it was kind of controversial,” Krishnan said. “It was weird because we got a call for the same ad awhile ago, but from a national agency. But when I tried to ask what it was for, they dropped it. Then we got contacted again by Capitol Music Group and it was for this.
“They also said they wanted to keep it confidential until [the ad] ran.”

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa hold the phone there ET: you mean something on the internet was misrepresented as fact when, in fact, it was a carefully orchestrated attempt at viral marketing?!?!?!

Sometime between finding out about the existence of GoF**KYourself and posting about it, the Tumblr linked to the full page ad disappeared. Pity. It was fun while it lasted.

If you can’t trust the internet, then who can you trust in this crazy world? It’s almost enough to make a lady take out a full page ad in a major university newspaper to voice her displeasure.

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