Vanderpump Rules Wonders: Did Jax Sleep With a Dude or What?


We already know Jax Taylor used to be roomies with Channing Tatum before becoming a bartender at Sur / lifelong reality TV star. Good gig if you can get it. But in Monday night’s episode, “Tears Over Miami,” we got the skinny on Jax’s seemingly homoerotic backstory in a very tabloidy storyline.

The setting of the episode is Miami, where Scheana and Shay are, for whatever silly reason, throwing a joint bachelor/bachelorette getaway with friends and frenemies. There, Jax meets up with an old pal named John, an older man who he’s rumored to have been in a relationship with, allegedly. Tom Sandoval refers to John as “a concierge for wealthy people.” He was also a model scout who helped placed Jax with his first agency. He discovered Jax the model. Jax models.

Miami Jax, who went by the name Jason then, used to live and work with John. While recapping Jax’s past life as Jason, Sandoval says between smirks, “When Jax left Miami there was rumors about him and John hooking up. There is believability to this at least because very quickly after these rumors came out, ‘Jason’ packed up his stuff moved away and changed his name to Jax.”

The entire episode tiptoes around whether Jax had relations with this John fella or not, who’s pretty handsome. Eventually, the two reunite at Dolce, where everyone’s partying with Scheana. As Sandoval says in his confessional, “John’s a fucking awesome dude. Frankly, Jax would be lucky to sleep with a guy like John.” Scheana later calls Jax “the king of homoerotic undertones,” triggering a montage.

Mid-partying, John and Jax have a vague, apologetic heart-to-heart, during which Jax says he was young and dumb (still dumb). John grabs Jax and tells him, “I want you to realize I love you because I’m over you. And I still love you as much as I did in the first place.” Whatever that means. It’s all very vague and the only thing Jax will say about it in his confessional is that modeling was “for gay guys” when he first started doing it. And, “I personally don’t give a fuck what anybody says. I know who I am,” says Jax. “I know what I’ve done and I’m really happy with myself.” He also tweets it:

Of course, Radar has whatever scoop anyone cares about, but I’m sure this will be addressed in the Vanderpump reunion. As evil as these people are, no one in the cast says anything offensive about it in the episode; they barely care and everyone thinks it’s believable.

The other emotional storyline last night was Sandoval and Kristen’s outdoor convo about their breakup. Tom ugly-cried and apologized and it’s supposed to be some form of closure. Except, Kristen now thinks Tom still loves her and is more determined than ever to break up him and Ariana.

Okay, that’s all for this week’s edition of Demon Sweet Valley High, bye.

Image via screenshot from Episode 11

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